Choose wisely


In technical diving we take the next step in our diving career to extend our bottom time or to go deeper than the standard recreational limits. There is a range of technical diving courses available, be sure to check it out!


Have you never dived before or are you just starting out, then you're in the right place. I believe that the first few diving courses are most important to shape a diver because there are no bad habits and instead place for only the right techniques.


If you would like to see what diving on Gozo is like and would you like to do this under the supervision of an experienced guide then you're in the right place. I will arrange all the logistics like cylinders, possible rental equipment and transport. like this you can have a worry free holiday!


Who doesn't want an awesome picture of themselves like the one above. Gozo has some amazing dive sites to offer including the wreck above where we can go out and take some great pictures together. Check out my portfolio for more pictures!

Choose for yourself, choose quality 

In my teaching I offer the highest standard of training, aimed primarily towards the safety of the diver. Secondary I aim to create a confident, skilled and knowledgeable diver. Who masters the basic skills of diving and who is more than sufficient in their highest certified level of diving.